Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spring 2011 Trends: 1970s Revival

I, personally, love 70s fashion, so naturally I was thrilled when I learned that it has major influence on this season's trends. Here's a small collection of my favorite vintage 70s items found in various Etsy shops. Enjoy!

Bug eyed sunglasses, the younger sister of Cat Eye glasses. 
ionesAttic, $18

Clogs, my personal favorite. These ones have an added bonus of tassels, which is also a spring trend. 
VintageDarling, $30

Rompers! The rainbow stripes on this one are soso cute.
pistolpoppy, $24

Boho-chic. The patchwork bodice and dog ear collar on this dress are totally reminiscent of 70s fashion.
oldage, $58

More boho-chic.
Foolproofed, $23

And of course, zodiac jewelry. One cannot explain the 70s without it.
junkforlife, $18


  1. Great picks! I'm loving the shades! :)

  2. Hmm, I think all your picks are cute, but for some reason I can find very little 70s fashion that flatters me! That dress is super fun though. :)

  3. clogs were a staple for me at 5'5" and personally I can't think of any era of fashion that doesn't look good on a sweet young thing...anyone for pale frosted lipstick?

    thanks for featuring my glasses!

  4. Fun stuff! Great looking blog too.

  5. Cool сollection!Thanks for included my ring!

  6. Cute collection! The glasses look like fun.

  7. Love your selection and your shop. Good luck with blogging. Please drop by ours:

    We will come back to follow you once we have sorted out a little problem we seem to be having with blogger follow at the moment.

    SisterBatik xx